Wife Documents her Husband’s Depression through Intimate Photographs

Wife Documents her Husband’s Depression through Intimate Photographs

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Often at times when a person goes through a traumatic situation or even a mere negativeness, there is always a byproduct of it that plays a major role in that person’s well being. Like Newton’s Third Law that says, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It has come to my terms that “rejection”is one of the hardest emotional and psychological pain a person finds very hard to endure. There are certain steps that comes after a chaotic experience as such, and unfortunately, Depression is one of them. A state of low mood and aversion affecting an individual’s mind with hopeless, helpless, dejected, or worthless feelings.

One simply cannot imagine dreadfulness of it.

Photographer Maureen R. Drennan based in New York has an interesting storytelling capability through her photographic skills that also deals with depression.

Maureen is currently working at LaGuardia Community College and the International Center for Photography in New York City. Recently, she came up with a collection called, “The Sea That Surrounds Us”. In the album, she captures pictures of her husband Paul and other landscape pictures. The interesting part here is that Paul is going through severe depression and with that being said, she emaculates the beauty of nature and it’s calamities precisely.

As a child, Maureen spent some of her days in Block Island, Rhode Island. She uses the same places that stayed in her memory to show the vast stillness.

When putting her foot forward for this project, she knew that her extra time would be used up prepping the cameras and finding the perfect angle which might impact her marriage. The delicate strings that tied her to Paul were on the edge, but she had to take that leap in order to help him grow and understand the surrounding clearer.

Often when a person is going through some sort of personal issues, they rarely want any human contact. And Maureen knew exactly what her husband needed.

She first studied the movements that gradually demised him from all social activities, then she maintains a distance from him not entirely but just enough to give him some space to let his mind lose. She respected Paul’s situation, him being the object of her storytelling. After that, she watches him from a distance and follows his tracks with the lens that creates miracles.

Maureen says, “With Paul, I was an insider who felt like an outsider.”

“Where words failed us, the pictures filled in the blanks.” says the photographer.

She continues, “During this time of feeling confused, picture-making afforded me some control in the situation. It allowed me to operate both in and outside of our relationship. Through this project, I recognized how intimacy and fragility can be painful but rewarding. Vulnerability is what makes us human, what makes us beautiful.”

The most beautiful of it all is that Paul gradually opens up to his wife’s attempts and gives back a positive result.

According to Maureen, after this journey, they somehow played a part of bringing in a lot of positiveness between the two, their bond grew stronger. The distance between them minimized and now things seem to be more in control and less chaotic.

Maureen’s dedication and Paul’s persistence both played a big role towards the hidden goal they both had inside them, that is to grow and heal.

I think Paul is a very lucky man to have Maureen as a life partner. You see, it’s not only about the attachment and care, it is more about understanding your other half. She knew there was no proper way for her to help Paul in this process but she also knew if she’d taken a step back how repulsive that would be. But then again, Maureen picked up her best tool i.e her camera and pursued the journey of healing her husband and approaching him in the most natural and artistic way.

Here are few more pictures depicting what it’s like to be depressed. 

When struggles knock your door, but there’s no one to help.

This is exactly you feel when you are depressed. NOTHING!

Depression gradually takes away from you feeling of worthiness and throws you into a never-ending pit of blackhole.

Often people hold safely the mask of happiness portraying to the world that nothing shakes down their world. But that’s what it really is- a mask.


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