The 7 Mental Habits of Unhappy People

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Happiness can come in so many different ways that it may even be difficult to define. However, unhappiness is easy to identify. How many unhappy people do you know? Happiness has less to do with the circumstances of life than it seems, because happiness is under everyone’s control much more than we think. Happiness is the product of our habits and our vision of life.

When you are unhappy it is harder to be close to others and more to work with them . The unhappiness leads people to stay away, creating a vicious circle that prevents them from getting all that they are capable.

Unhappiness may surprise you. Much of your happiness is determined by your habits, both mental and behavioral. So there’s a question, what do you need to do to make sure your habits do not drag you into the abyss?

Habits of unhappy people perpetuating unhappiness

Some habits lead to unhappiness more than others. So you have to be especially careful with some of them. These are as follows:

Blame everyone except yourself

Instead of taking responsibility for action to create a better life for yourself,   the unhappy person constantly criticizes others by putting all the responsibility on their shoulders and blaming them for everything wrong in their life.

Complaining rather than taking action

Unhappy people like to complain. In addition, they  constantly focus on how big their problems are rather than trying to find a way to overcome them.

They see themselves as victims of their destiny

In life we ​​can choose between being creators or victims. Unhappy people choose victimhood . They believe they do not have what they need to create a positive difference in their lives, so they stop working for their goals and are filled with remorse and anguish.

Losing the present thinking about the future and the past

The present moment is the only moment that really matters. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. It is here and now that we can truly live. Unhappy people always worry about the future and do not leave aside their emotional attachment to past experiences .

Get stuck in the competition game

People are deeply social beings, which means that joy can be born of cooperation and sharing. However, those who are not happy do not realize that they are immersed in competition, always trying to outdo others in order to feel better about themselves. The only thing they can do is to become miserable and stressed.

Difficulty trusting people

We all need friendship and love in our lives to be happy. But for intimate relationships or friendships, we need to have an open heart and trust in people . Those who are unhappy feel insecure  because they do not trust others for fear of being hurt or being disappointed.

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Constantly seek acceptance from others

Freedom is a birthright for everyone, but because of the way we have been educated many of us are conditioned to believe that we have to have the acceptance of others before doing something we want.

This is the case of unhappy people who never think for themselves or act on their own, but follow a path created by others , striving to meet certain expectations. It only makes them feel immense suffering.

To be pessimistic

Pessimism is the greatest fuel of unhappiness. The problem with having a pessimistic attitude is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you expect bad things to happen, they are likely to happen.

Do not strive to improve

Because unhappy people are pessimistic and feel out of control of their lives, they tend to sit and wait for life to pass before their eyes. Instead of setting goals, learning and improving, they advance painfully and then wonder why things never change.

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