If you experience any of these 7 signs, you are silently depressed

If you experience any of these 7 signs, you are silently depressed

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1 Signs someone is fighting depression silently

Signs someone is fighting depression silently

Though depression may be the most over-used word today, it sure isn’t the most understood. People throw in the term even when what they mean is only a temporary sad state, while many, who are actually depressed are busy faking smiles. Depression is an adversary that grips not only your mind but also your ability to talk about your state openly. People continue to suffer in silence, fighting the demons within their minds. Here are seven classic characteristics of people who are battling the disease in silence.

2​They fake happiness

​They fake happiness

THEY FAKE HAPPINESS: They are the ones who come across as really happy and content. However, they are only trying really hard to look so. From inside, they are filled with self-loathing. Thus, look for signs in their behaviour which may be triggered by certain stimuli and is not like their usual happy-selves.

3 They overthink

​They overthink

THEY OVERTHINK: They are the ones who over analyse even the simplest of things. Their brains are hardly ever at rest and they may even find it difficult to sleep because shushing their minds may seem like the toughest job they have to do.

4 ​They fear being judged

​They fear being judged

THEY FEAR BEING JUDGED: They are very critical of themselves and so they think that others will also be. Every word they utter, every action they do and every decision they make, they fear that people will judge them. This is also the reason why they are not able to talk about their depression openly as the disease carries with it social stigma and prejudice.

5 ​They can be snappy

​They can be snappy

THEY CAN BE SNAPPY: If you know someone who reacts to certain triggers in unproportionate measures and snap at trivial things, he could be depressed. It is usually not a reaction to the immediate stimuli but to a load of emotions that they suppress.

6 ​They never want to hurt anyone

​They never want to hurt anyone

THEY NEVER WANT TO HURT ANYONE: Though they can be snappy at times, this may make them guilt-ridden and to distance themselves from those they love. They think that they are hurting them by being around them and prefer to maintain a space which is more like a gulf from others’ perspective.

7 ​They are hard to decode and to get close to

​They are hard to decode and to get close to

THEY ARE HARD TO DECODE AND TO GET CLOSE TO: They have tough shells around them and not everyone can crack them. You can talk to them every day but when you think about it, you will realize that you still hardly know about their lives and emotions. They don’t reveal their innermost thoughts and the conversations with them would either be about general topics or about you.

8 ​They are very smart

​They are very smart

THEY ARE VERY SMART: Enduring such a gush of emotions in silence is a very difficult thing. It makes them stronger and good observers, which in turn makes them smarter from most.

Signs someone is fighting depression silently

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