How To Deal With Depression: 30 Things I Do To Keep The Demons Off

How To Deal With Depression: 30 Things I Do To Keep The Demons Off

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Do you also wonder how to deal with depression so it doesn’t come back? It takes time, effort, and requires you to change your thinking, which is probably the most difficult thing of all when it comes to overcoming depression. But I believe it’s possible. In this post, I will be sharing my ways of dealing with depression and improving mood on a long term.

It’s been a while since the last time I felt very much depressed. Sometimes I even feel like it’s completely over, but I know that it’s still lurking in the dark, waiting for me to slip and fall into the vicious circle of rumination and depressive mood. Statistics show that most people who rely only on medication to overcome depression have a depression relapse. I’ve already been there, and it scares the hell out of me, which is why from the beginning of my treatment I was desperate about figuring out how to deal with depression effectively.

To prevent the relapse from happening, I’ve changed many of my unhealthy habits and toxic behaviors.  I also engage in activities that make me feel good, just for the sake of giving myself pleasure. Here is a detailed list of all the things that I do to overcome depression forever.


How To Deal With Depression: 30 Things I Do To Keep The Demons Off


I am good for myself. I treat myself as if I was my best friend. Instead of blaming myself for suffering from depression or punishing for failures, I show myself the compassion and understanding I deserve.


I practice mindfulness meditation to keep my intrusive thoughts away. I carefully observe my bodily sensations and emotions and act accordingly.


I don’t have great expectations. I accept things that are out of my control. It’s the gap between your expectations and reality that is the source of all unhappiness and misery in life.


I don’t compare myself with others because I am a unique human being. Each of us has to write his or her own story, and success is not what it seems.


I give myself the right to make mistakes and learn from them. Only those who do nothing make no mistakes.


I spend as much time outdoors as I can to provide my body with sunlight exposure and connect with nature.


I stay away from toxic people who make me feel miserable, both on Facebook and in real life. They’re not worth my time and attention.


I focus on the joy of simple pleasures. A tasty meal, a siesta on the grass on a sunny day, a walk in nature are more than enough to be cheerful.


I allow myself to rest and sleep when my body needs it.


I don’t let myself worry too much. The truth is, some things will happen whether you worry about them or not. All worrying does is depriving you of the enjoyment, but it doesn’t sole any problem.


I set myself achievable goals and focus more on the process than the output itself.


I eat healthy, tasty food and derive pleasure from it.  I also focus on the nutritional value and try to choose the foods that help with depression.


I care for my physical body, but new white hair or wrinkles don’t drive me mad. I have accepted myself the way I am.


I don’t chase money. It gives you possibilities, but it doesn’t guarantee happiness, and when you’re depressed it seems pretty worthless.


I spend my money on memorable experiences, not on items.


I spend less time online, and once in a while give myself an offline day.


I reach out to people I care about and show them my true emotions and appreciation without expecting anything in return.


I spent quality time with friends doing things that are fun. I show them how important they are for me.


I keep a gratitude journal because there is plenty of things to be grateful for. It helps me focus on the bright side of life.


I watch documentaries about this amazing world we live in. It gives me a sense of being a part of something bigger.

How To Get Rid Of Depression


I learn new things to keep my brain entertained and enjoy it a lot.


I read a lot of self-help books on depression, emotions, psychology. Not the kind of motivational babble about success, but rather publications that help me understand how things work. Reading inspires me a lot.


I cuddle pets. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pet of my own, but I use every opportunity to cuddle my friends’ dogs, cats, and horses. Anything that’s fluffy and human-friendly will do.


I do physical exercise and stretching to keep my body fit and ease muscle tensions caused by anxiety.


I slow down and avoid multitasking or scheduling too many things in a short period of time.


I enjoy being non-productive sometimes. A bit of “dolce far niente” has never killed anyone, right?


I don’t keep grudges because it’s unhealthy. I forgive and forget easily.


I take the “happy pills” prescribed by my doctor.


I smile and provide myself with daily hugs.


I write this blog to help myself and others.


Dealing With Depression: My Conclusion

For me, learning how to deal with depression was a frustrating process. Today, I can say that I’ve learned a great deal from it, and I am happy about who and where I am. By gaining knowledge on depression mechanisms, changing my way of thinking and focusing more on the present moment, I’ve trained myself to slay the demons of depression if they dare to approach me ever again.


There is hope. Just stay strong & don’t give up.


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