Overcoming depression is possible if we change some habits

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When we are faced with an increasingly frequent problem, such as depression, it is important to call on a psychologist to help us out of the pit we are in. Because? Because contrary to what can be thought from the outside, overcoming depression requires more than will power: it requires the use of different tools to help us in this process.

The functions of a psychologist before this picture are several. First, he will be responsible for confirming that there is the depression we suspect; Secondly, although it can not prescribe, it can refer the patient to someone who can recommend pharmacological treatment, very positive especially in the early stages of therapy ; Third, it will establish a plan of action or appropriate treatment for the patient and will accompany him in his application, and may make adjustments and follow up when the depression has disappeared.

However, we all know that depression is not precisely a state in which we are especially proactive to change or acquire certain habits, keep them in time and get them to make their effect. So the will is important, but also the intelligence, the plan of action established by the specialist or the pharmacological treatment.

The depression disappears when we draw strength from where we do not have to take small steps in the right direction, but the process is not easy.

Isolating may be necessary, but it will not lead us to the solution

People with depression often feel especially tempted to acquire new habits that fuel their own depression: one is to isolate oneself from others. We do not want to see anyone, we are sad all the time and the academy, the painting classes, the music … everything we used to like, motivated us and made us feel full, now causes us great indifference.

Perhaps this time of pause and detachment is good in some cases and for a short time. Especially when depression appeared as a result of an extended period of stress. However, in the long run, cutting out these types of “melancholy” habits is essential to leave the depression behind.

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Overcoming depression is possible when we begin to do the opposite of what it leads us to do. Do not want to leave? Let’s go out with our friends . Do not we want to play sports? Let’s get up early and without thinking we will take our backpack to go to the gym or we will run in the middle of nature. Given the first step, we will see that later this is not so difficult and even becomes a pleasant activity. Maybe not as formerly, that’s fine, but that makes it even more valuable.

The important thing is to get out of this cycle to which inertia leads us or in which we have already fallen. We have already proven that it makes no sense to continue like this, that nothing changes, that everything remains the same if we continue in the same direction.

Learning to meditate, relativize problems, manage emotions, seek sources of reinforcement are tools that a psychologist can give us if we want to get out of depression.

Thus, one of the keys to overcoming depression is to begin to introduce different habits or to recover those that we liked and abandoned. There are some, for example, how to play music, that we may have stopped liking, which may be advisable not to recover. However, there are certainly many others by which we continue to maintain a certain taste and that we do not do for the initial effort they require of us; an effort that seems to be a mountain in the face of the few forces we feel we have.

Go to the gym and talk to strangers or acquaintances, hang out with those friends for whom you have always had an excuse, start eating healthier things (practicing what is known as mindful eating ) and doing some moderate exercise will be important steps with which we are saying “goodbye” to depression. Because? Simply because they will provide moments in which we will feel better.

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Write an emotional diary to overcome depression

Very well. We already know that depression will tend to leave us when we recover or look for activities that make us feel good, facing us and doing an exercise of will to recover activities that we liked or to incorporate some new ones that we may like. But … and what else?

Previously, we have said that one of the characteristics of depression is that it usually provides introspection. She tells us, “Hey, you’re in crisis!” And puts us in a state where it seems easier to think. Well, we can use this to try to get to know ourselves better and get our emotions in order. Yes, our internal order does not work, so let’s look at how it is and look for a new one.

In that sense, writing can be very positive for letting go emotionally, and also for keeping track of our emotional changes . In the same way, it also allows us to go back on our words to find out where we continue to fail and be more aware of the situation we are in.

Many professionals treat writing as something therapeutic, and they are right. Sometimes we can not or do not want to tell anyone what happens to us, but we still have a need to communicate in some way. Keeping an emotional journal is very important, and not only when we suffer from depression or some problem. This habit will be very positive for everyone.

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The natural thing is that, in the beginning, it will be difficult for us to return to the pages where we express all our pain. However, over time this will become a necessity to feel, revive and heal. Until the time will come when we can go through the pages as someone who reads a book, recovering memories of a situation that already resides in the past.

“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.” 
-Napoleon Hill-

At this point, we already know that overcoming depression is possible when we change certain habits , however, the way will be hard, long, and often we will stop moving forward to take back steps. However, trying again and again, swimming against the current, following with the help of a psychologist, the depression will come to an end. Because yes. Depression also dies when we cut off all the sources that supply it.

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