Life is not always easy. Sometimes it’s crushing, dark and sad. Take a look at 100+ artworks by various artists and see how they feel or imagine depression.

Living with depression is hard, but it is treatable, so if you think that you might be suffering from depression, don’t ignore the signs. Get help.

#2 Mind Devour

Mind Devour

The painting describes a person with psychological problems such as schizophrenia, insanity, depression or other mental problems. His endless screaming makes his own mind eat him up. I have periods in my life where I feel like this. I wanted to make an illustration of my thoughts and my pain within.


#5 Stay


I create death-inspired love illustrations to cope with my depression.

#10 Falling


A figure sketch from “Falling” a project I worked on from 2010-2014 about my experience with depression.


#18 Falling Sketch No. 55

Falling Sketch No. 55

This project is a visualization of personal experience with depression and anxiety. The condition brought on frequent episodes where I felt emotionally and physically out of control. Unable to “release” myself from these episodes, I waited for the physical limitations of my body to end them. Recounting the affected years, I realize how accustomed I became to depression’s influence; many emotions and feelings belonged to it and not my own… Read More


#20 Black Dog

Black Dog

#21 Depression


Depression is like a cancer of the mind.


#22 Depression


Monsters don’t live under your bed, they live inside your head.


#25 Hopelessness


Steven Herber

#26 Depression


This was inspired by depression and the effect it has on people, its a subject thats very close to my heart and i feel very passionate about it. So i created this image almost to try and explain depression to someone who’s never experienced it or can not understand the effects it has on people.


#27 Depression


Someone somewhere feels less alone when finding that they can relate to something. Mental illness can feel extremely isolating.


#28 Again Insomnia

Again Insomnia

Really troublesome. My mind can’t settle. Sometimes it end up with… twisted dream. I feel so depressed and sad every time I wake up, especially when everyone has gone.