10 Common Myths About Depression Debunked

10 Common Myths About Depression Debunked

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There are still a few common misunderstandings about what depression is and how it impacts on a person’s life. Read these facts to find out the truth behind the most common myths about depression.

Myth 1: Depression a Common Part of Life, It’s Normal

Everybody feels sad at various times and for about different reasons. It’s not just for young people, but anyone.
Depression, however, is much more serious as compared to just feeling sad. It’s a worse form of sadness and affects the life of a person in so many aspects, and usually lasts for more than two weeks.

It’s a sickness just like asthma or colds that need to be managed or treated.

Myth 2: It’s Just a Rough Moment of Your Life

Depression isn’t limited to going through a hard time. Tough situations and traumatic events such as relationship break-ups or parents undergoing a divorce can result in depression. But the ones mentioned aren’t just the only reason for depression.

At times, depression may have no exact cause, but it may be due to imbalanced brain chemicals.

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Myth 3: Depression isn’t a Big Deal

Clinical depression is a real threat to a person’s health that disturbs every aspect of his/her life. College students experiencing a clinical depression show it in a lot of ways – they experience emotional pain, withdraws from family and friends, has difficulty in accomplishing things, gets into trouble and takes risky acts. If immediate help isn’t provided to them, their future might be greatly affected.
Depression Info

Myth 4: Depression is Just a Severe Form of Sadness or Grief

In many cases, depression isn’t any normal sadness due to loss. If depression was an ordinary sadness, a lot of people will feel better in a short span of time. Depression can be treated with time or willpower. Most depressed individuals have little or no energy or motivation and have severe sleeping problems. And it doesn’t last for a single day – it spans for weeks or even months with no end in sight.

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Myth 5: Depression will Fade Away in Due Time

For those fortunate enough, depression may go away. But unlike others, depression may stay for months or years or even much longer. Depression may go away for a while, but only to return in the near future; once a person exhibits episodes of clinical depression, they are susceptible to have more. Clinical depression can be potentially serious illness – and it may end up in a suicide without the right help.

Myth 6: Depression is Hereditary

Although having a familial background of depression can raise an individual’s chance of developing the condition, that chances are quite small – only about 10-15 %. According to older research, depression was more generic in nature; however, the latest studies have questioned such claim. For people with a familial background of the disease may be aware of particular symptoms, but anybody who exhibits signs of depression should talk to health professionals.

Myth 7: All Depression Must Be Treated With the Use of Antidepressants

Use of Antidepressants
For mild to moderate depression, psychological therapy is the initial choice of treatment. But, if the depression is more serious, your health care provider may include medication to aid you in managing your life.

You should opt for a doctor that you feel comfortable talking to, but remember that it is common to go through a lot of doctors before ending at one that you are at ease with. It is vital that you are comfortable with your doctor, so you can better find the right treatment regimen for you.

Myth 8: Depression can be Treated by Simply Talking and Listening to Family and Friends

Having to talk to your family and friends are essential to help you get by with the everyday ups and downs. However, unlike any other sickness, depression requires professional help to be properly managed. Counselors, doctors, and psychologists can give the right treatment and the self-management regimen, which cannot be provided by your family.

Myth 9: Just Get up Now, You can Overcome Depression if You Choose To

People didn’t choose to get depressed. Depression is a sickness that can be managed with the proper help from health care providers. It’s not just a thing that people can simply “snap out of”.

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Myth 10: Real Men cannot Suffer from Depression

Just because women have twice the chances of getting depressed, it doesn’t mean that men shall suffer it in silence. Men sometimes express depression much more different as compared to women, making it easier to be overlooked by society. Men can’t clearly talk about depression for they are afraid that it would make them less of a man, less stable and strong. This is why it makes depression such a big threat to men since they shun away from treatment and tend to make their condition worse by using illicit drugs. And men have been more successful in suicides if their condition is worsened.

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